NEE is an impartial protest movement running for senate in the Belgian elections of June 10th 2007.

NEE works around political awareness and offers voters in Belgium the option to vote ‘no’ if they find that none of the parties deserve their vote. ‘No’-votes would simply create empty seats in parliament, resulting in a loss of income and power for the other parties, and giving the voters the power to sanction politicians if needed.

This is a concept that has never before been implemented in any political system worldwide. We hope to introduce the idea on an international scale because it makes for a higher level of democracy in which politicians are forced to live up to their promises as people are actually able to fire them if they wish. This would also result in a clearer view on the popularity of extremist parties, because people often vote for extremes out of dissatisfaction but don’t necessarily agree with those parties.

NEE recently became an internationally known concept, when we launched our satirical ‘40,000 blowjobs’ campaign which was a stab at the general international political climate that's filled with false promises (which was followed up with another satirical response to all the requests).


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