a no-budget free internet movie
written & directed by Tania Derveaux

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What is IP?

IP is a no-budget free-to-download movie that is being made scene-by-scene chronologically. Each time a scene is finished, it is put online so that people can already see the movie up until that point.

This way, the community can interact with the filmmaking process: we always have a good idea of where the movie is going in the next scenes but people on our forum can also discuss the scenes, give feedback and inspire us to deviate from our own script in the next scenes. We're going to try to do a new scene every week, subscribe to the rss or enter your e-mail if you want us to keep you up to date when new scenes are added.

We are a group of only 5 people and we are making IP with a consumer HDV camcorder and our own computers for visual effects.



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